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How to Organize your kid’s Backpack?


I love to organize, and backpacks are no exception. When I was young, I remembered, my backpack was clear and new and perfect at the beginning of the school year. Fast forward one month or two and, well, and so on. Without a good system, some fall into a unorganized mess, and there is no exception to the best kids backpack. Now that school is in session for a while, I think it’s the perfect time to share my privacy for the backpack organization.


If every item you have is a place where it lives (comfortably … not just promoted), it becomes easy to be clean. So let’s break the backpack of your boy or daughter and ideally live there.

1.”School to Home, School to Home” folder: I want to keep a folder for papers that are going to school. When kids arrive home every afternoon, start practicing it and you can think of your child or teacher to check it in school. It can be homework, slip permissions, sign-in exams, and so on. If you want to get rid of (choose me), you can dress it with some patterned tissue tape.


2.In the case of pencil: Your kiddo will not get written bonus which is not. Put all of them in beautiful jeep bags and keep some colorful pencils and fun lasers for some interesting colors.


3. Comfortable kit: Keep your child’s (or be honest, let yourself be) some things to keep as comfortable as possible. If you are not hungry or do not have difficulty learning it, then I would like to keep a case with lip bamboo, band assistant, hand sanitizer, tissue and elephant drug. You can customize this! If you have a big kid then add some money, cell phone, headphone, cache drop etc.


Pro Tip: When you can not send your children to school with medicines, do not forget to keep their favorite medicines or products better at school. I’m about putting something synthetic and synthetic in my body, so my choice is for the cold crusher for kids, like products from Genexa.


4.Some fun: Painful waiting (for buses, for a doctor, etc.), so a book or game facility can be in the lifespan. Try mixing it up and after sometime put something new to find it, it will be a clever wonderful! (Also note: I’m dying to try this cat stacking game – how adorable is it?!)


5. Luggage Tag: It is a useful tool for your kids backpack for many reasons. If you can use it as a user and can get lost in the bag, then enter a name and phone number, but you can use it as a checklist. They should keep things in mind (lunch, jacket, water bottle, homework) and they will never forget the requirements of schools.


Extra Credit: This list is broadly spread in any way. Your child’s school brings lunch, that will go backpack! If you are nowhere in the rain, you can add water bottles, school books or umbrellas.


That’s it! Your new and improved backpack. And do not worry if it does not just stay organized. Remember that some practices and maintenance are involved in the way of organized life, but I promise that if you are with it you will be very calm and happy (and your child will also be there).

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