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Time to Pack your bags for these Summer Destinations

Lazurnaya Beach Russia

Every traveler has their favorite beach destinations somewhere on the planet. The white sand and lush landscapes beckon thousands of tourists from different corners of the world. For many travelers, beautiful beaches can be their home away from home. Many tourists are lured by the beaches and explore the scintillating view.

Myriad Beautiful Beaches in Russia

Russia is renowned worldwide for its massive deserts, rich heritage sites, high-rising mountains, etc. It is indeed a stunner when it comes to art and architecture for tourism. To add awe to its charm, the awesome beaches in Russia portrays the country in a different light. There are tons of Best beaches in Russia offering sub-tropical to white sand which makes the beaches more pristine and a perfect paradise for vacation.

  • Khalaktyrsky Beach is one of the best black sand beaches in Russia near Petropavlosk offering a relaxing and laidback experience to tourists.
  • Yagrinskiy Beach is considered to be one of the sub-tropical Best beaches in Russia located in the Jagry Island in Severodvinsk. It is known as surfer’s paradise and for many artists, it is their retreat.
  • Riviera Beach is one of the famous beaches in Russia located in Sochi. It is stretched at the easternmost side of the Black Sea. For tourists, it is a great place to relax and unwind.

Romantic Places in the United Kingdom

It seems there are plenty of places in the United Kingdom which are created keeping couples’ in mind. There are plethora of Romantic getaways in the United Kingdom where one can whisk away with their partners and they can spend quality time together.

  • Windermere in Lake District is one of the best Romantic getaways in the United Kingdom where one can admire beautiful views, cruise in a boat on the lake at sunset, etc.
  • Butley & Orford Oysterage in Suffolk is a place where one can indulge in plateful oysters which were launched in the early 1960s. The delicious oysters will make the tourists find their way back in the country.
  • Fairy Pools in the Isle of Skye is one of the popular and most Romantic getaways in the United Kingdom which is filled with beautiful scenic views and corners which can be explored by couples. The series of clear blue rock pool and waterfalls are a delight to see.

Apart from travelling to Europe, you might also like to see the crystal clear blue waters of Maldives, Malaysia, and travel destinations in Pune, India which are mostly budget friendly.

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